The Staff

Meet the Staff!

Saphiredakota2- Owner
Hey everyone my name is Saphire and I am the owner and creator of club L.E..D.K.N.Y. I have been on stardoll since 2009. I created club L.E..D.K.N.Y in 2009 and it has over 32,000 members. My club is about fashion, rare clothes, and excitement.

Ludenie-08- Owner
Co-owner of clubs .Caribbean., L.E..D.K.N.Y, and 2COOL. Combined they have thousands of members.

Bankgeek17- Manager /Blog Manager
Hi! I'm a manager here at all three clubs, and while I have all sorts of jobs related to being a manager, I take time to voluntarily manage and post in this blog.

Eve11149-Assistant manager/Blog Manager

Bravegirlalways - Assistant manager

Evelyn_16 Head manager/Blog writer

Hanna2398 - Manager

Janette... - manager

Lovefothinh - Assistant manager/Payment manager/Blog writer

CoolRachael - Head manager

Salma747 - Manager/Blog writer

Sweetmiss88 - Manager

Yachiruh - Head manager 

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