1. seeing as its nearly halloween, i think the club should have a whole halloween theme with a best costume contest and maybe a ghost story section and of course, a halloween party!

    hope you like my suggestion x

  2. I think you guys should partner up with other blogs. Basically you put your icon on their blog and they do the same with yours. It's a great way to get publicity. If you do agree can we be partners? I am Miss.....Elite and I own and

  3. Well, I think the club would do great to have a manager month switch over where all the manager give their job to a member who they know is active and will be a good manager. Maybe just for a week or two but I think it would be good for the members to see what it is like to be a manager, although I think that you, saphire, shouldn't swap with someone because we need you to tell us what we need to do. I think that you could do this every so often. What do you think?
    Foal xx