Monday, July 16, 2018

(Bi)Weekly Fashion Recap

Hi guys!
It's me again with a biweekly fashion recap (well i think it's time to change that, since the next week it will be again a weekly one), much longer than usually. 

During those two weeks a lot of fashion related releases appeared at plaza. The first one was Anna Sui Tribute, which was already pretty much reviewed by Fotini (her post you can find here). The main theme of this collection seemed to be boho chic, which is rather for dolls with a certain taste in clothes. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of the release, so so far I picked the most popular and versatile items: striped velvet set and victorian shirt. Also popular are blush top, fur scarf, black boots (and shoes from this collection in general), leather skirt and blush top. Entire release seemed rather decently priced for a tribute (from 16 for earrings to 38 for a dress).

Some RLV:



The next store during that week was Callie's Picks with the second release only for boys. It was mostly composed of rather new or easy to find items. There's been some more interesting pieces like Patrick's hat and sheer shirt, but also re-released once again items like a phone necklace or a backpack, which this time is a starcoins item. The prices for some items were quite decent, some clothes were rather overpriced. Prices range was from 9 sd for a hat and a cap to 25 sd for a lion shirt, there were also some items for starcoins. I have aboslutely no idea what was popular items from this collection, but my picks are a backpack, sheer shirt, silver vest and band jacket t-shirt. 

The next week started with a release of a long-awaited Alexander Wang Tribute. The majority of the collection was deconstructed fashion, leather or diamonds-like items, matching the tastes of almost all stardoll's members. Prices were rather high (mostly for accessories), from 16 sd for a belt to 38 sd for a leather trench. Although being quite expensive the collection was rather the most liked from all tributes. Most popular seemed to be a fanny pack, denim&leather jacket, boots, both silver tops, white net bag, tracksuit pants, deconstructed pants and skirt. My picks from this collection are already mentioned above items and the rest of the accessories. 


The next release was a bp accessories release, but decided to take a closer look at those as well. We got 12 pairs of sunglasses, some were quite interesting like those Gucci inspired glasses or cat eye sunglasses, other pairs seemed redone or a bit weird. Prices where from 11 sd to 14 sd, which is rather a decent and typical price range for sunglasses release. My picks are of course cat eye shades, which seemed to be the most popular bp items currently.

The last release was Firday's 2nd edition of LE Re-Release, about which stardoll's staff informed us a day before in a form of a poem at Stardoll Royalty club. That news made many users really excited and they've been waiting for a blog post with spoilers of that release and informations about how limited that collection would be.

The blog post with all items luckily for them came few hours after that, but sadly it wasn't anything that great that they wanted...

The re-release was very loud and colourful in neon greens, yellows and pinks, with items not so easy in use, nor that pretty and well-designed as the recent ones. According to many that was the worst release of LE that they could choose. The items were oddly shaped and mostly overpriced, from 23 for bikini bottoms to 275 sd for a dress. Due to it being extra limited most of the items got sold out pretty quickly. 

Outfits section:

Fanny pack- A.Wang Tribute Earrings - SLP Tribute Top - Callie's Picks Jacket - LE Skirt - Dior Tribute Jeans - Original Future Fishnet tights - Evil Panda Shoes - Subcouture Sunglasses - Royalty

Jacket - A.Wang Tribute │ Top - A.Wang Tribute │ Sunglasses - Spectacular │ Belt - Off-White Tribute │ Bagpack - Antidote │ Shorts - LE │ Boots - YH

Jacket - Anna Sui Tribute Earrings - Dolce & Gabbana Tribute Sunglasses - Rio Skirt - Dior Tribute Tights - LE Shoes - PPQ Belt - LE Belt bag- Subcouture

Boots -  A.Wang Tribute Belt -  A.Wang Tribute Bagpack - Callie's Picks Sunglasses - Callie's Picks Earrings - Subcouture Shirt - Off-White Tribute Jacket - It Girls Shorts - Subcouture

Trousers - A.Wang Tribute Bag -  A.Wang Tribute Sunglasses - Royalty Earrings - SLP Tribute Top - Balmain Tribute T-shirt - YH Shoes - Original Future

How did you liek those releases?
What did you get from all those tributes so far?
Share your thoughts in comments!
xx J.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

(Bi)weekly Fashion Recap

Hi guys!
This recap is another biweekly one, maybe I should change the form tho... For sure for upcoming tributes stores there will be more posts, so the form might be different as well.

First week's fashion recap is the most colourful one as it was all about pride month! For the first time stardoll decided to celebrate that month. We got a fashion release and a decor release with few clothing items, both were composed of mostly rainbow pieces.

The first release was Monday's Evil Panda new collection, with the majority of items with subtle hint of rainbow and some fake holo and differently textured clothes. People's choices seemed to be iridescent (no, it's not holo, they are lying to us as always) green/blue top and shorts, boots and leather skirts, which was also picked as favs by me. Beside both skirts and white booties from this collection I got also Moschino inspired t-shirt (the only sc item). Even though there was only one item for purple money the items were rather cheap - highest price was 16 sd for a rainbow shirt.

The second store of that week was more concentrated on rainbow and pride-parade-connected items, mostly decor as it was released in Popshop. There were much less clothing items - only for 4 outfits (2 for men, 2 for women); all items were for stardollars - from 8 sd for a bowtie to 16 sd for wings, which were the most popular item of this collection.

Here are some rlv for that week:

Last week started with a Givenchy tribute at Museum Mile, which was rather a weird place for a non-limited tribute. According to Stardoll and some people it was a beginning of tribute season (for me not really as it wasn't a new store with items from the recent collection). It was a 3-floors release with items from various years. The prices for clothing items were rather decent, but the accessories like shoes and bags were overpriced. The cheapest clothing item was a belt for 9 sd and the most expensive was Audrey's dress for 28 sd. The most popular items were lace body, men's satin jacket, black turtleneck, blue striped dress, blue bag and lace jumpsuit. My picks from the collection were men's jacket, black turtleneck, Bey's headpiece and thick belt. 

The next release of that week was Fever which announced the true start of tributes season. It was only one floor of clothes, mostly in orangish, there are also some clothes in blue. The items seem to be rather not so great, the best items are transparent jacket, bags and bp accessories (sadly sd made sunglasses and earrings bp once again...). The Prices are not very high - from 9 sd for an earring to 19 sd for transparent jacket, sadly there is no sc items, but also there is no ss/royalty limited items. I decided to get so far red bag and orange tote, I will invest for sure in transparent jacket, accessories and interior, which seem to be the best thing in that release.

RLV week II:

Outfits section:

Skirt - Evil Panda  Shoes - Evil Panda │ Jacket - Nelly │ Bag - MR. + SLP Tribute │ Top - Young Hollywood │ Fishnet tights - Evil Panda │ Necklace - Pretty n'Love │ Earrings - Callie's Picks │ Cap - Original Future

T-shirt - Evil Panda │ Bag - Fever │ Trousers - Off-White Tribute │ Jacket - Subcouture │ Cap - Vinyl │ Earrings - Fendi Tribute
Turtleneck - Museum Mile + LE │ Belt - LE + MR. + Couture Tribute │ Shorts - Pearls + Basics │ Bag - Archive │ Jacket - Callie's Picks │ Shoes - Fallen Angel │ Socks - Vinyl Earrings - Antidote │ Sunglasses - PPQ

Jacket - Museum Mile │ Sunglasses - Pretty n'Love │ Earring - Subcouture │ Top -Subcouture │ Necklace - Rio Trousers - Subcouture │ Bag belt - Fendi Tribute │ Bag - Chanel Tribute Fur - Rio Socks - Vinyl Shoes - It Girls

Bag - Fever │ Belt - Museum Mile │ Headpiece - Museum Mile │ Cap - Original Future Top - Callie's Picks Shorts - LE Sunglasses - Off-White Tribute Earrings - SLP Tribute Boots - Young Hollywood Jacket - Callie's Picks

And what are your pics?
Do you like recent collections?
xx J.