Wednesday, March 21, 2018

EVIL PANDA- New Release 🐼

Hello dolls! 

Stardoll has come with another release. This time from Evil Panda. 

The collection is so cool and Evil Panda has a very unique and different style from the other shops which I like. This collection also included lots of new fashion trends such as lace up bottoms, knee high socks and also the high wasted flowy pants. I really like the mix of that emo/grunge/kawaii look while keeping up with the trends.

Although, I would've liked to see more items not just these.

Here is a picture of my favorite picks:

The top is really cute and it's a perfect match with the knee high socks. The skirt is so good and I like that there is not too much lace up. It's enough and the color is so pretty. The shoes and the glasses have almost the same color and they look really good with these items. Do you like this outfit?

What do you think of this collection? Is Evil Panda your favorite shop? Did you buy anything? Share with us in the comments below!

Eve ❤

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

WOW- Korea NEW Release 🌎

Hello dolls! Stardoll has released another collection of fashion also including a few decor items in Windows On The World shop in Starplaza. This time, we traveled all the way to Korea! The country with a beautiful, interesting and unique culture. This collection is amazing and one of my faves from WOW!!

Starting off with that interior. Very detailed and beautiful. The tea house, the garden, the flowers, the pond, the sky and the mountains 😍 Stardoll did a pretty good job this time.

Speaking of decor, the Korean inspired table, cupboard and jar are soo pretty. Again, the details! They make it look very realistic and it gives us that traditional feel of Korea.

Moving on to Fashion. Modern but it still has that little Korean touch. The pink dress and the ruffle grey top are stunning! The lace really adds to it.

The Korean Tang Style Dress. The details, again are everything!! The hand pose which makes it even nicer is great and I like how Stardoll added the skin option. It looks just like a SAP.

To conclude, the decor was perfect! I feel like they could've done more with the other fashion items though.

What do you think of this release? Did you buy anything? Share it with us in the comments down below πŸ’–

Eve πŸ’‹

Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial&TIPS

Hello dolls!
Here is how to create the best Valentine's day makeup :

1. Stay natural. If you really feel like you need some coverage apply a light coat of foundation and/or concealer. Boys do not appreciate much makeup or colorful faces

2. It Would be best to keep nude lips. You don't wanna have another face after that kiss πŸ’‹

3. If you don't have natural rosy cheeks a little soft blush would look nice.

4. To glam up a bit apply eyeliner. You want a bold glance and eye communication with your Valentine.

5. Don't go wild with hair. Beautiful sleek hair nicely brushed to look healthy will be best!

6. Don't need to do something to hide a special characteristic, like a tattoo or a piercing. You are who you are and he loves you this way.

7. Hair color. Find his favorite and consider of having an urgent date with your hair colorist. Most guys said to prefer blondes.

8. Put somewhere a heart. It comes to state that you are already taken :D

Red Heart on Messenger 1.0


CREDITS TO: Loveonlyfm for the amazing tips ^

Here is a picture:

Hope u like it and Happy Valentine's Day πŸ’•

Wednesday, February 7, 2018



PARTICIPANTS & their 3rd task's points

- TheMoonstone37 points
- Soso.QCherry15,5 points
- Lolitka144438,5 points
- Serqet22,5 points
- Orpul-Is-Me929 points

Participants OUT OF THE CYCLE :
 - Charmedavenger - Minal12 - Fataprajiturica - DemirdivaStar - Rain_party
- SmarandaFairy
- ReinaAbcdefghij
- Tmgsuper
- Mylife-notyours

Congratulations to our 5 finalists and thank you for sharing your lovely tasks with us.
We had so much fun watching them, we judged them with love and accuracy
and we sincerely thank you for making this GLITTER PARTY real !!
So, we concluded your rates for each of the three tasks...
Let's see what comes up with no further delay... 
- TheMoonstone29 + 39,5 + 37 = 105,5 points
- Soso.QCherry33,5 + 27,5 + 15,5 = 76,5 points
- Lolitka1444 44 + 34 + 38,5 = 116,5 points
- Serqet38 + 37,5 + 22,5 = 98 points
- Orpul-Is-Me938 + 25,5 + 29 = 92,5 points
So tonight ladies, after this 3-weeks' long party, 
we have 3 fabulous winners  to announce :
1st place Winner : Lolitka1444
2nd place Winner : TheMoonstone
3rd place Winner : Serqet

And your prizes are :

1st place winner > 100 sd + A Limited Item for 2 sd
2nd place winner > 50 sd + A Wig for 2 sc
3rd place winner > 35 sd + A Hot Jewelry Design for 2sc
Saphiredakota2 will reserve the limited, the wig and the jewelry for each one of you.
As for the stardollars' reward
you can claim it via bazaar (reserve for her the exact amount you won - NO TAXES
OR comment in her guestbook the wishlist items you wish for
(you have to claim your stardollars' prize within this week).

And remember girls...
do never miss a glitter party invitation.
Now you are totally ready for it !!!!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018



PARTICIPANTS & their 2nd task's points

- ReinaAbcdefghij → 25 points
- Tmgsuper 13,25 points
- Mylife-notyours28,5 points
- TheMoonstone39,5 points
- Soso.QCherry27,5 points
- Lolitka144434 points
- Serqet37,5 points
- Orpul-Is-Me925,5 points

Participants OUT OF THE CYCLE :
 - Charmedavenger
- Minal12
- Fataprajiturica
- DemirdivaStar
- Rain_party
- SmarandaFairy

3rd TASK

Theme > Glitter
Type    > Scenery Task


Dear participants !!
This is your final task of this mini cycle. In this round, you have to create a scenery to get us in the party mood.
Just like before, the theme is GLITTER & PARTY. So you have to give your best to create a cosmic and fabulous glitter party event in your scenery. Use shiny objects, glittery items, disco lights, fancy dresses and whatever you think will make your party unforgettable. You must use your doll and at least 1 more doll in the scenery, NOTE DOWN that dolls' appearances (means outfit and makeup) will count extra points, so be extra careful about your doll's makeup, your outfit, choose carefully the other doll(s) you gonna use and dress them up with care.
Poses are not mandatory but if you include at least one, you will get +1 point.
You must officially submit your sceneries in L.E..D.K.N.Y sceneries, but don't forget to take your screenshot and upload below, cause that's the one to be judged.

Don't forget, we have almost reached the end and there will be only 3 WINNERS  !!!
Winners will be the 3 dolls with the highest points' total in all 3 tasks !!
So go and set the Glitter Party on fire !!!!!!!! 

Deadline: 07.02.2018 (Wednesday, February 7th)

Task Inspiration :

You have to share your entries BELOW as a comment.
Upload your SCREENSHOT or post an IMGUR link.
Do not forget to write your doll's NAME.

Good Luck Dollies !!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018



PARTICIPANTS & 1st task's points

- ReinaAbcdefghij → 32 points
- Tmgsuper 31 points
- Mylife-notyours37,5 points
- TheMoonstone29 points
- Soso.QCherry33.5 points
- SmaragdaFairy38 points
- Lolitka144444 points
- Serqet38 points
- Orpul-Is-Me938 points
Participants OUT OF THE CYCLE :
 - Charmedavenger
- Minal12
- Fataprajiturica
- DemirdivaStar
- Rain_party

2nd TASK
Theme > Glitter
Type    > Beauty Task

Dear Participants!
Your next task is about makeup. I'm sure you know very well, our theme is Glitter.
Based on this, you have to create a makeup look in beauty salon, that will be perfect for the glamorous Glitter Party you are heading to. Do not forget, you MUST use ONLY glittery colors, that's you main concern if you don't want to stay out of the party's door !! It can be gold, silver, purple, blue, pink or anything else. Make sure to create a unique, fabulous or eccentric, but for sure awesome look that will capture all eyes on you.
Also, just like before, you can use your doll, one of the judges' doll or you can create your look in Starplaza.

Deadline: 30.01.2018. (Tuesday, January 30)

Inspiration Photos:

You have to share your entries BELOW as a comment.
Upload your SCREENSHOT or post an IMGUR link.
Do not forget to write your doll's NAME.

Good Luck Dollies!

Thursday, January 18, 2018





1st TASK

Theme > Glitter

Type    > Fashion Task

Welcome to the Party Cycle ! This is the First Task, where you have to show us your creativity in fashion. 2018 is already started, and what is better than keep a huge party to celebrate it? All you have to do, is to create an outfit, with the theme: All That Glitter. Your task is to use glittery GOLD or SILVER colors. (You can use both or just one) Do not forget, your outfit has to be pretty enough for a party, where everybody will wear glittery clothes. You can use your doll or one of the judges' doll. You also have the chance to create your outfit in Starplaza Dressing Room. DO NOT USE ANY FILTERS.

Deadline: 23.01.2018. (January 23th)

Inspiration Photos:

You have to share your entries BELOW as a comment.
Upload your SCREENSHOT or post an IMGUR link.
Do not forget to write your doll's NAME.

Good Luck Dollies!

 You can follow Lovefotinh's example on the comment below 
     or if you have any trouble, contact Yachiruh on Stardoll      

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hello dear blog members !!

We welcome you in our Glittering Blog Party 
and we hope that we will have a lot of fun
during the next 3 weeks.

At the end there will be 3 final winners.

Their prizes will be :
1st place winner > 100 sd + A Limited Item for 2 sd
2nd place winner > 50 sd + A wig for 2 sc
3rd place winner > 35 sd 

The judges for all 3 tasks will be :

So let's all of us, the participants & the judges
share some magic party moments to remember.
Do only your best, be original & creative.

Let's rock the party !!!!

The L.E..D.K.N.Y & .Caribbean. Team

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fashion Tip #4: Oversized Denim Jackets

Oversized Denim Jackets are one of my favorite pieces of clothing. They're trending! You can find them in many different colors. Some even have patches or are distressed.

The TopπŸ‘•

The top is a basic black corset top. I really like how it looks with this jacket. A white tight corset dress would look great too.

The Skirt πŸ‘—

For the skirt I went with a leather zip skirt. I love that skirt. It matches with the top great as well as with the jacket.

The Boots πŸ‘’

I went with long over knee boots. To be honest almost every shoe would match this look. Sneakers or heels would both look great with this outfit.

Accessories πŸ’

Very simple. A black bow choker looks great. Instead of a choker you can add a pair of sunglasses.

Outfit Details:

Oversized Denim Jacket- Special Offer
Corset Top- Pals 14sd
Leather Skirt- PPQ 15sd
Over Knee Boots- JetSet 11sd
Choker- Nelly 14sd 

I hope you liked this outfit!

Eve πŸ’‹

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fashion Tip #3: Overalls

Overalls are always in trend, no matter length (short,long). They look really cool. You can style them in so many different ways, but this is the look I put together for you today.


There are many different types of overalls. Form short to long, dark to light and even multi color. For this outfit I picked short light distressed denim overalls. They look really cool and I just love them.


For the top I really don't know what to say. Basically everything matches with overalls. I always like the way denim looks with white so that is why I went with a white top. Mine has fringes, but you don't need to have them. Just a basic white top would look good. Although you might wanna check how different types of white top look with this. For example: a snow white top wouldn't look as nice as a pearl white top (like the one I'm wearing) but I think this is more of a personal preference.

Shoes and AccessoriesπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘“

For the shoes I went for simple white sneakers. For accessories I put on my favorite black framed glasses.

Outfit Details:

Cut Off Dungarees- It Girls 13sd
Red The Signs Top- Nelly 15sd
Black Oversized Glasses-Vinyl 5sd
White Trendy Sneakers- BASIC 35sc

I hope you liked it!


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fashion Tip #2: Prints

Prints are always in trend, however they are kind of hard to style. In my opinion prints look best matched with solid colors. The main thing in today's outfit is the Coat which has prints.


In this outfit I chose a long coat that has an army print. It has some earthy tones like green&brown.


I chose black as my solid color so the top and jeans are both black. The top has white letters (Bizou) and the Jeans are high wasted and skinny.


The shoes are like green-grey color and they are opened at the heel. The bag is simple. It's just a black one.


For accessories I added a black belt with gold letters and a pair of brown sunglasses.

Outfit Details:

GMO Camo Faux Jacket-Special Offer
Bizou Sequin T-shirt-Bonjour Bizou 13sd 
High Waist Skinny Jeans- Saint Laurent Paris Tribute 25sd
Basic Black Tote- BASIC 20sc
Open Heel Boots-Bonjour Bizou 86sc
Bizou Logo Belt- Bonjour Bizou 86sc
Detailed Sunglasses- Wild Candy 99sc

(I feel like everything is from Bonjour Bizou πŸ˜‚)

I hope you like it!


Monday, October 30, 2017

PRETTY N' LOVE Latest Release

Hello dear blog members !!

Monday is here with a new release by our lovely Pretty n' Love Starplaza Shop .

It's an one-floor release .

Prices vary from 9 to 23 sd .
We are always very pleased to see 2 beautiful starcoins items ,
the pink suede mini skirt & the pink metallic loafers (don't miss them !) .

It's a sweet collection in pastel pink & beige colors 
and there are beautiful winter items, like knits and coats .

I am always happy to see accessories like belts & socks in every release ,
this one has a cute pair of gloves .

There are also 3 quite pretty handbags, the travel beauty case is very special, isn't it ?

Here are my favorite items from this collection.
They don't work quite good together ,
but especially this lilac embroidered blouse, I like it very much, it is very romantic
(unfortunately it is available only for royalties) .

What's your favorite item ?
You are all welcome to style it in dressing room & post your screenshot below !

See you next Monday dollies,


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Starcoin Halloween Costumes #2

Hey dolls!
I'm back again with part two of this year's halloween costumes. Below are also the links to my past halloween costume posts:
You may want to check them out for more ideas; most of the stuff I used is still available.

But now on to today's costumes!

#1: Fairy

This is a super easy costume to make, because all you really need are the wings. The dress is up to you, I have just provided what I think it a cute match with the shoes. 

#2: Spooky/Evil/Dark Bride

For this look, just put together as much black as you can, and add a veil! It may look good to include black gloves, too, (from voile ladies) although I forgot to include them. It may look better with a longer skirt, so if you have a longer black dress feel free to use that! Think wedding, but black instead of white. 

#3: Clown(?)

...I tried
 This one may be a bit of a stretch, but I did my best! The key is pretty much the nose.

I hope you like these costumes, let me know if you have any requests and I will see what I can put together before the big day! (Halloween ;))
xx bankgeek17

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fashion Tip: Leather

( This outfit is inspired by Kylie Jenner)

Leather is an essential! It makes every outfit look nice and cool. But what if you wear two leather items? How to match them? Read below to find out


Usually when people go for "leather on leather", they choose the same color (like black for example).
I am wearing a basic leather jacket and a mini leather patent skirt. You can go for other colors like brown or even pink. I like black leather. My boots are also black (not sure if it's leather or not) they are short platforms and they're very nice.

Best looks with✅

White. Black and white is a very popular and classy contrast. In my case, I have a white crop top with a few cut outs. A ribbed white tight crop top would look nice to but I didn't have one.
Kylie (read at the top of the picture) wasn't wearing any accessories so neither did I.

Outfit Details:

Black Faux Leather Jacket- Clique 15sd
Snowflake Crop Top- Royalty 14sd
Patent Leather Skirt - PPQ 15sd
Black Latex Platforms - Velvet Orchid 0sd

I hope you liked it!



Sunday, October 22, 2017

BAD MOOD Latest Release

I was looking so forward for this year Halloween release 
and finally my opinion is that it was a disappointing one..

There was a 2-floors release dedicated to pyjamas-like costumes
(variation among giraffe, koala, dragon, red panda, unicorn, panda and fox)

and mermaids of 6 different colors

Seems to me that Stardoll designers did not put much effort on costumes this year.

The only item I really liked from this release is the Scary Street Drain, sold for 22sd

What's your opinion about this release & what's your favorite item ?


 cause a random doll who place a comment below 

will win her favorite item from this release

Enjoy a happy creepy fancy Halloween dollies !!